Janis Fry Art : Gauguin Painting Holidays

Painting holidays in Gauguin country, France in June and September.
Le Pouldu, Southern Brittany.

Gauguin Painting Holidays

'I would recommend Gauguin Art Holidays to anyone. People don’t realise you can have such a good time and yet learn so much.'

Now in it’s 8th year, Gauguin Painting Holidays take place at a large updated traditional Breton House, painted by one of history’s best loved artists, Paul Gauguin. The venue is on the sunny coast of Brittany, 400 metres from the beach These special holidays are a way of gaining insight into the mind and personality of one of the most important visionary painters who ever lived, whilst having fun and relaxing.
Whether you are single or coming with a friend or partner, you will thoroughly enjoy taking part in a small friendly, group holiday in a fabulous setting, balancing painting with relaxation and revelation. The unusual beauty of Le Pouldu with it’s special blue light, which intensifies colours, attracted Gauguin to spend some of his most formative years painting here. Le Pouldu, the place which he described as ‘Nirvana’ tends to have a similar effect on all who come to see, learn and experience this wonderful place and the surrounding area known as ‘Painter’s country’.

'The Gauguin holiday exceeded all expectations.'
Gauguin Painting Holidays, Le Pouldu

Gauguin Painting Holiday accommodation, Le Pouldu Students will be able to paint on location and at the house, swim and sun on golden sands beaches and walk the rocky cliffs and forests Paul Gauguin knew so well. The Gauguin Museum next to Marie Henry’s inn where he lived, is a short walk away. Here the artist lived and worked with his friend Paul Serusier and his student Meyer de Haan, visited by dozens of other famous painters. You can also visit the famous town of Pont Aven, once inhabited by hundreds of artists, and the colourful markets and restaurants of the area.

'I don’t think there was too much you could improve on'

Accommodation includes a choice of double, twin or single rooms with WiFi and ensuite or shared bathrooms. The House is less than 10 minutes walk from the beach. We take a maximum of 8 people including non painting partners who will find plenty to occupy themselves during the day, from just relaxing at beach or bar, to swimming, riding, walking, canoeing, sea and river boat trips, exploring the medieval town of Quimperle, nicknamed ‘Mont St. Michel on land’, the 13th century Abbey of St. Maurice, or investigating the sailing and surf school.

Painting groups are typically small numbers of 5 or 6 students.

'Your warm and generous spirit provided a comfortable atmosphere for working and sharing ideas. The house was perfect and I would come again.'
Gauguin Painting Holidays, Le Pouldu
Gauguin Painting Holiday accommodation, Le Pouldu Gauguin Painting Holiday accommodation, Le Pouldu

Gauguin Painting Holiday accommodation, Le Pouldu Dates available 20th - 27th June and 12th - 19th September 2020. Other dates are possible by arrangement.
Please enquire - janisfry9@gmail.com

Tuition is with the highly experienced tutor, artist and writer, Janis Fry, who will work with you on an individual basis and tailor projects to your own needs for artistic development. Whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced artist you are sure to come away inspired with new ideas and ‘know how’. You can relax, become absorbed and work to your own pace as Janis concentrates on developing your own style and approach, along with the technical means to achieve it.

'Janis brought out things in my paintings, I didn’t even know were there!'

Costs - 2020 prices. One week including accomodation, breakfast, picnic lunch and tuition, costs £875. Non painting partners £575. Evening meals are extra and either cooked by course participants or eaten out at local restaurants.

Getting there. Le Pouldu is best reached by car and ferry from Britain. Alternatively you can fly to Nantes or Brest, and take a train to Quimperle (pictured here) and a 20 minute taxi journey to the venue.
Gauguin Painting Holiday

Gauguin Painting Holiday Painting. On booking, students can discuss where they are in their practise if they wish, as some will have specific areas in which they want to develop. You will be given a materials list but essentially you are asked to bring a basic kit of pencil and rubber and acrylic paints and brushes. You can bring your own paper or purchase it from the tutor. There will be a watercolour project but paints for this will be provided. Drawing boards and other equipment are also provided. Painting tuition is from 10 till 4.30 each day with lunch and coffee breaks and 2 half days for trips out.

'I learnt to produce work that was authentic. that only I could produce'

Gauguin Painting Holiday Gauguin Painting Holiday outside artwork

Gauguin, You will be able to paint on the very spots where the great master painted, learn about his methods, understand his ideas and techniques and the forces that drove this iconic artist to paint and formalise his ideas at Le Pouldu. This place with it’s wildness and peace and quiet was crucial to the advancement of Paul Gauguin's art. We will trace his footsteps to the places he painted, the isolated house, the ravine, the black rocks, the farm and valley of Kerzellec, the Grand Sables beach and the distant Ile de Groix. Le Pouldu is where Gauguin developed what he called his, ‘Sublime and spiritually pure art’ and where for 2 years he put his ideas together resulting in some of his best work. It was in Brittany that such paintings as ‘Christ in the Garden of Olives’, ‘The Vision after the Sermon’, ‘The Yellow Christ’, ‘Harvest at le Pouldu’, ‘Self Portrait with Halo’ and ‘The Loss of Virginity’ were produced. It is also where the themes and techniques of Gauguin's search for meaning and the primitive began. Gauguin Painting Holiday

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'The Gauguin holiday exceeded all expectations. I have been studying painting for a very long time and have been 3 or 4 times to work under Janis’ tuition on her Art holidays. With her help I have got to grips with problems I had never known how to solve. For years I struggled to find my special style in painting. Janis always has something good and insightful to say about your work which made me look at mine in a different light. Wherever Janis is, there is laughter but this belies the fact that she is actually very serious and disciplined and you don’t realise you are working very hard in fact. The questions she asks and her great knowledge and experience makes you think deeply about what you are doing, why and the effect it has. It gets you to the heart of who you really are and what you are trying to express through painting. I learnt to produce work that was truly authentic, that only I could produce and she brought out things in my paintings I didn’t even know were there! I would recommend her Art holidays to anyone. People don’t realise you can have such a good time and yet learn so much.'
Hilary Lewis, Swansea

'I had a wonderful experience with my friends during our time in Le Pouldu. Your warm and generous spirit provided a comfortable atmosphere for working and sharing ideas. The house was perfect and although the weather was not ideal that week for painting outside, we were able to attempt a variety of projects that gave us new ways of doing or looking at things for which I am very pleased….Many many thanks to you and all the best in everything that you do.'
Liz Barnes, Canada

'Janis Fry’s art classes are always joyful affairs. It is all so much fun. She often challenges you with what seem like mad ideas you’ve never heard of but they work! You lose all fear of looking foolish as it is all so friendly. You can start by building complete chaos and by the end of the day, everything has fallen into place, only this time the painting is quirky and original and all the old tired ideas are out the window. You feel inspired to stop being so precious about your work and just have a go!'
Carol Ann Jones, Carmarthenshire,

'I had a good holiday and you have inspired me to make sure painting will remain a part of my life. I particularly enjoyed going out in the 'field' following in the footsteps of Gauguin and the informality of the trip and I appreciated your patience. I don't think there was too much you could improve upon. You met a happy balance between teaching me and allowing me just to get on with things. The other aspects - Le Pouldu, the food and organisation were great and it just was a thoroughly enjoyable trip all round. I will have long and fond memories of it.'
Mike Strange, London, UK

'Superb teaching,‘exceeding all expectations.'
David Williamson, France

Gauguin Painting Holidays